Mazet Praslines gift box – 65g

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Mazet Praslines gift box – 65g

Praslines are caramelized almonds.

Mazet is a French chocolate maker and Confectionner since 1903.

For instance, they produce a range of delicacies and chocolates. Amongst them, the famous and traditional “Praslines de Montargis” .

History of the Mazet de Montargis Praslines

The very first “Praslines” were made in the French town of Montargis during the reign of Louis XIII in 1636.

The marshal Duke of Plessis-Praslin, minister and peer of the kingdom, used to give these delicious crunchy roasted almonds as presents to the ladies of the court. (We can see why he was renowned for his charm and chivalry!)

The praslines recipe never changed since its creation in 1636.