Mazet Passion amandes in jar By Monsieur CHATTÉ

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Mazet Passion amandes in jar By Monsieur CHATTÉ

Roasted almonds coated with nougat & enrobed in a light layer of bittersweet chocolate.

Monsieur CHATTÉ is proud to offer a large assortment of chocolates from Mazet.

First, he has been a French chocolate maker since 1903.

Located in the city of Montargis (Southern Paris) Maison Mazet produces a range of delicacies and chocolates.

Amongst them the famous and traditional “Praslines de Montargis” from Mazet.

Mazet handcrafts his chocolate range with the respect of traditions and its ancestral know-how.

The chocolate bars offer unique and different tastes. Enjoy several authentic flavours such as the new Sao Tamé dark chocolate bar or the original Dark Chocolate with ginger.