Mazet Grelons in jar by Monsieur CHATTÉ

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Mazet Grelons in jar by Monsieur CHATTÉ
Mazet Grelons – Lightly toasted & caramelized hazelnuts, enrobed in milk chocolate.

Monsieur CHATTÉ is proud to offer a large assortment of chocolates from Mazet.

Mazet is a French chocolate maker since 1903. Located in the city of Montargis (Southern Paris) Maison Mazet produces a range of delicacies and chocolates.

Amongst them the famous and traditional “Praslines de Montargis” from Mazet.  Delicious and perfectly caramelised.

Mazet handcrafts its chocolate range with the respect of traditions and its ancestral know how. The chocolate bars offer a unique and different tastes. Enjoy several authentic flavours such as the new Sao Tamé dark chocolate bar or the original Dark Chocolate with ginger.