Marsanne Ensédune

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Marsanne Ensédune 2019

At the edge of the Mediterranean sea, the Oppidum Romain d’Ensérune dominates the terroir of the Ensédune wines.

This terroir has the particularity of being the warmest and dryest climates of France. It is located in South of France at the west Béziers City.

Proud of a thousand-year-old tradition, the Ensérune winegrowers were keen to develop their vineyards by acclimatising grape varieties from various horizons.

Created by teamwork, the Ensédune range is the product of generations of collaboration by winegrowers and presents unusual grape varieties for monovarietal wines.

With Ensédune, discover the essence of Languedoc !

Grape Variety:  100 % Marsanne.

First, this vigorous, late-maturing variety originates from the Rhône valley. Then, its high levels of tannins hampered the production of the first vintages. But since then, the vine growing and oenological teams have found the right formula. It’s the flagship variety of the range!

Tasting notes: At first, a mineral, rich, fine aromas. Then, you will enjoy flavours of peach and citrus fruits, floral notes (acacia, honeysuckle, jasmine, hawthorn). Overall, you will enjoy concentrated aromas on the palate.

Food Pairing Suggestions: A great companion with white meat such as chicken, veal or pork. A great friend too with cheese and shellfish.

Serve chilled at 8 °C to 10 °C.

Marsanne Grape Variety

First on the nose, expect oranges, sweet lemon, figs, apricot, pear, and almond notes.

Then on the palate, its rich texture elicits beeswax, roasted nuts, pears, Meyer lemon, cardamom and anise. Overall, Marsanne can produce a fairly decadent wine because its weight begs to be paired with seafood, cream-based dishes, and other luxurious meals.

A great Marsanne can often replace Chardonnay for those who would like to expand their palates and try something different.

Due to the delicate balance of acidity and ripeness, Marsanne has a rather small window for harvest.

When harvested at the perfect moment, however, Marsanne wines are lush, layered, and delicious.