L’extrait de Romarion 100% viognier

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L’extrait de Romarion 100% viognier


The name Romarion is the combination of the first names of Luc Torrecilla’s children: Romain and Marion.

Romain, established since 1999, is the 5th generation of winegrowers. His ancestors, from Aragon in Spain, created the farm in 1870.

The soil, composed of chalky ‘terres blanches’, is ideal for the Viognier grape.

The vineyard covers 40 hectares on the town of Puichéric around 20 km of the famous city of Carcassonne.

Tasting Notes:
 At first, L’extrait de Romarion has a shiny robe with green reflections. Then an intense nose of apricot, vine peach and rose.

Overall a very aromatic and floral wine. Powerful and generous on the palate with a remarkable finish, persistent, fresh and fruity.

Food Pairing suggestion: A great companion with the aperitifs. It will be a wonderful pairing as well with a tuna and ginger tartare, scallops, cod accras.

An other tasty companion will be the foie gras. A great try with our slow cooked homemade foie gras. Serve at 10°C.

Ageing potential : 4 years.


About Viognier Grape Variety

Viognier has a very aromatic characteristic with flavors of apricots, each kernels, white flowers, jasmine but also violets.

Viognier lovers adore the full-bodied, floral and ripe-fruited characteristics that makes these wines so distinctive.

But viognier isn’t all style over substance: good examples will have real complexity underpinning the flamboyance. Expect perfumed notes of peaches, apricots and apple blossom and noticeable alcohol.

Because viognier needs lots of warmth to ripen and develop fully, striking the balance between its delicate, floral quality, rich texture and high alcohol levels presents a challenge to winemakers.

However, when they get it right, the results can be stunning.