Les 2 complices Gamay Pinot 2020

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Les 2 complices Gamay Pinot 2020

Coteaux Bourguignons Rouge, Domaine Jean Baptiste Duperray

Southern Beaujolais with his limestone sub-soils is an ideal terroir to cultivate the Pinot Noir varietal from Burgundy. Then, combined with Gamay Noir from Beaujolais, it is subliming this cuvee giving more complexity and fineness.

Grape Varieties: 50% Pinot 50% Gamay.

Sustainable Farming.

Tasting Notes: At first, a nice and bright red ruby robe with pink tints. Then, a nose displaying cherry notes of Morello cherries, ginger bread and grapes. In the palate, the wine is very round, fruity. Overall, a touch of spice in the finish.
Food pairings suggestions: Great friend  with some cured meat, goat cheese, roasted chicken or turkey, pork roast or salmon.


Did you know?

Gamay, or Gamay Noir à Jus Blanc, is a lighter-bodied, fruit-forward grape variety used to make red wine. Gamay originated in Burgundy, but was outlawed in the late fourteenth century by a duke who preferred the pinot noir in the region.

Wines produced from Gamay are fruity and light-bodied with relatively high acidity.

The purple grape variety has a thin skin that is low in tannins—a substance that creates a drying, rubbing sensation on your tongue—making it less dry than tannic red wines like syrah and cabernet sauvignon.