La Goudale 0.0%

From: HKD 10

Ingredients: Water, barley malt, wheat, rice, coriander, hop extracts, orange peel, hops, glucose-fructose syrup, natural flavours, caramel (sugar, water).



La Goudale 0.0%

by  La Brasserie la Goudale – Les Brasseurs de Gayant family owned brewery since 1919.

First, discover Goudale in its alcohol-free version: La Goudale 0.0%. Indeed, The Master Brewer created this innovative recipe to offer you all the authenticity of Goudale Blonde with 0.0% alcohol.

About La Goudale Beer:

Located in Arques, North of France, the Brasserie Goudale is a jewel in France’s brewery world.

Recently renovated, the state of the art brewery produces La Goudale, a French ale in the “Biere de garde” (beers that can be aged) style.

The brewery uses traditional production method to craft This top-fermented beer. Just like it was brewed in the North France during the Middle Ages.

The careful selection of special malts flavoured with Flemish hops gives to la Goudale it’s unique balance.

In this version with NO ALCOHOL discover all the pleasure of La Goudale.

This beer pairs fantastically well with a mature Comte or Mimolette.

Tasting Notes: 

At first, you will admire a golden coloured beer.
Then a fruity nose sweet raised by an herbaceous and spicy hint. On the palate we can feel a sweetness raised by a  pinch of coriander and orange peel.

An environmental concern:

Water consumption.

Significant reduction of the water consumption at the Goudale brewery compared to the previous brewery.

To produce a liter of beer today they need 3l of water against 9L before.

Energy savings.

The consumption of gas and electricity was divided by 2. They consume twice as much energy for a production two and a half times higher.

Thanks to the ultra-efficient production and packaging toolsthey have been able to reduce their gas and electricity consumption by half.

Water treatment.

The Goudale brewery has its own sewage treatment plant. The water released into the environment is perfectly pure.

CO2 recovery.

The Goudale brewery  is CO2 selfsufficient. There are no releases to the environment or external supply.