Goose Cassoulet – La Belle Chaurienne

From: HKD 79

420g Tin


The legend of Cassoulet de Castelnaudary.

According to this legend, the first Cassoulet, the notoriety of Castelnaudary cuisine, was put together during the Hundred Years War, that is to say between 1337 and 1453, while facing the English army that was besieging Castelnaudary. And according to the aforesaid legend, this is how this grand dish was invented…




Goose Cassoulet – La Belle Chaurienne

These cassoulet is cooked respecting the culinary tradition for tasty flavors.

Very tasty with goose confit pieces carefully selected. The beans used, real lingots beans, will reveal you their incomparable flavour and tenderness since they have been slowly cooked in the goose fat.

How to prepare :

Pour in a terrine dish and brown under the oven grill for 30 minutes. You can also warm the content in a saucepan on a low fire for 10 minutes while stirring regularly.

Add herbs, salt and pepper if you wish. Enjoy it with a glass of Bergerac wine.

Conservation: before opening, store the tin in a dry place and at room temperature. After opening, keep refrigerated and consume quickly.