La Basquaise Spread from the sea

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100g glass jar.


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La Basquaise Spread from the sea, 100g glass jar.

available in 3 different flavors:

1) Tuna Terrine with garlic

2) Tuna Terrine with Tomatoes

3) Macquerel terrine with tomatoes

The Basque Country is the anchor of this SHORT and LOCAL circuit.

It is first in Saint Jean de Luz, the historic cradle of tuna and sardine fishing that La Basquaise started their canning activity in 2003 (of the 17 local units, the last one had closed in 1990). Proud to relocate a cannery in Saint Jean de Luz with fish from local fishing, they have been at the end of the local process by seeking 100% of our supplies as close as possible to Saint Jean de Luz.

At first,  the “craftsman” is the one who puts his art at the service of others. Therefore, this is exactly the way La Basquaise looks at it.  As a result, all the work is done manually. As an example a sardine passes on average 15 times in their hands before being on your plate.

Enjoy those terrines , pre-chilled, directly spread on a baguette bread or pre-sliced cucumber with a glass of white wine. The perfect Appetizer from South West of France.


With La Basquaise, they promote local, but also responsible and moreover sustainable fishing by working with short circuit fishermen (mainly at the Criée de Saint Jean de Luz). Committed to responsible fishing, their partner fishermen respect the regulations (including that of ICCAT bringing together fishing professionals and environmental protection NGOs) as well as the strict European standards in this area , responsible for ensuring that:

– quotas ensuring the sustainability of stocks.

– minimum size rules, species by species.

– licenses which authorize a vessel to fish the species.

– responsible fishing techniques: bolinche fishing in the Gulf of GASCOGNE. Very old fishing technique which consists in capturing fish on the surface, it allows them to be released if their characteristics are not suitable.

– Systematic control for all fish landings in France.