Hazelnut spread -palm oil free – Lucien Georgelin

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Hazelnut spread -palm oil free – Lucien Georgelin

The perfect spread ideal for breakfast, or for a snack.

Richer in hazelnuts than most famous brands, therefore we can say it is a gourmet recipe.

Certified 100% Organic product.

First, thanks to its smooth and soft texture, you can easily spread  it on bread, brioches or crepes…

Then, this spread is prepared with manually harvested hazelnuts from South West of France (Lot et Garonne region in France).

The hazelnut from this region, is well known for its remarkable taste.

Moreover, it is made without palm oil!

How to enjoy:

Keep  in a cool and dry place. Then, once open enjoy it within 18 days.
Finally, to keep the smooth and melting texture of the spread, keep at room temperature.


  • – Sugar
    – Lot et Garonne Hazelnut 16%
    – Milk powder
    – Coco oil
    – Cocoa powder 7%
    – Rapeseed oil
    – Lecithin of sunflower
    – Vanilla aroma

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