Ground Coffee Jacques Vabre

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Ground Coffee Jacques Vabre

To compose Sélection, Jacques Vabre has assembled high quality Robusta beans from carefully selected territories.
So find quality coffee every day, with a rich and generous taste and characteristic toasted, smoked notes.

Enjoy the ground coffee for your breakfast with some croissants or chocolate croissants. It will be a great companion for your tea time meeting.

The characteristics of the Jacques Vabre ground coffee selection are:

First, Tasting:  Thick in the mouth, Very persistent in the mouth.

Then, Aromatic Notes:  Very roasted, very toasty, smoky and spicy

Then, Composition:  Blend of robustas from major origins (notably Vietnam, Indonesia and Central Africa)

Finally: Intensity:  Acidity: +, Bitterness: ++++

About the brand:

Jacques Vabre coffees have their origins in a small regional company. The company was born in Montpellier at the beginning of the 20th century. Originally, its founder Marcel Denamiel roasted his green coffee in front of the door of his store until it became his main activity. This is how the Mexciq coffees were born in 1924. From 1946, Marcel Denamiel was assisted by his son-in-law Jacques Vabre who, little by little, took over the management of the business.

Driven by the desire to introduce his coffees to the whole of France, Jacques Vabre decided to launch his eponymous brand in 1968. His expertise in the selection of beans allowed him to establish himself over time as an essential coffee brand and to become the market leader in the 1970s.