Gourmandise Château de Chasseloir Muscadet

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Gourmandise Château de Chasseloir Muscadet 2020.

Vices & vertus is a newborn range in our Muscadet line. Indeed, the name refers to our 19th century old barrel cellar decorated with sculptures of the seven virtues and deadly sins.

Gourmandise Château de Chasseloir Muscadet 2020 represents the greed. The draw is the fruit of a collaboration between Louise Chéreau and a young French artist from Nantes.

Appellation:  Muscadet

Grape Variety:  100% Melon de Bourgogne

Terroir: Gourmandise Château de Chasseloir is made with the young vines of the vinery.

The vines are facing south and planted in a deep schistous soil. This type of soil has the capacity to make easier the penetration of roots several meters deep.

Wine Making Process for vintage 2020: 

Budding started early March avoiding spring frost in May.

Flowering was quick and helped the development of the fruits in June and July. Harvest started early on August 25th. Our team benefited of a great indian summer until mid September.

This precocious vintage shows a great freshness and maturity.

Tasting Notes:  The color is yellow. On the nose, the wine is very expressive and fruity, with notes of pear and peach. In mouth we are surprised by aromas of white flowers and juicy fruits.

Food and Wine pairing Recommendations:  Perfect appetitive wine that will pair nicely with charcuterie and cheese platters as well as spicy food and raw fish.