Goose Rillette platter

Price: Regular HKD 350


Goose Rillette platter- 28 pcs

Platter to share

First, Goose rillette is a classic French spread and part of charcuterie.

Then, the goose rillette platter is perfect for an apéritif, picnic .

A “rillette” is a french preparation of either pork or goose meat that is seasoned and cooked and then pounded or ground into a consistency that you can spread on toast, or just eat straight out of a jar.

Last but not least, Goose Rillettes are carefully sourced and imported by Monsieur CHATTÉ.

The Goose Rillettes platter is the perfect platter to share for your corporate party or friend ‘s gathering. A classic of the French cuisine!

Do not forget to enjoy it with a nice bottle of wine. Check Monsieur CHATTÉ’s cellar selection and the wine of the month to enjoy great discount while checking the “promotions” category.

Each month can you enjoy and discover a special wine.

With rillettes we would definitely recommend a nice Pinot Noir from AlsaceLanguedoc or Burgundy ! Santé

Goose Rillette platter selected by Monsieur CHATTÉ

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