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Gin Haru, AKAYANE Craft Distillery

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Gin Haru (meaning Spring in Japanese) is a product of AKAYANE Craft Distillery, south of Kagoshima.

It is the winter of 2018 that they first distilled a Gin. It is the first of a range of four Gins that will be released in 2018, each dedicated to a season.

Using a base of Shochu, Haru is the fruit of 6 botanicals, double copper pot distilled.

  • Eye: Crystal clear
  • Nose: delicate and flowery, reveals notes of Yuzu, followed by Sakura balanced with Kombu and tea notes
  • Palate: smooth and herbal, notes of cherry blossom and Yuzu, followed with a lingering peppery finish

Recommended to serve neat or in Gin & Tonic. Or can can be a surprising pairing with a fresh goat cheese such as Petite Sainte Maure or Buchette Jacquin.

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