Gift Box – Nonnettes – French gingerbread cakes

From: HKD 168

190g Gift box


Gift Box – Nonnettes – French gingerbread cakes

Monsieur CHATTÉ offers you three different flavors for you to choose: Orange, Raspberry but also Chocolate.

Those French Gingerbread comes in Gift Box to pamper gingerbread lovers and connoisseurs.

At first, imagine a mouthful of memories – first the crispness of the icing, then the softness of the pain d’épices, and finally the gooey centre filled with delicious jam or chocolate.
In the Middle Ages, nuns used to make these little cakes in their convents.
Today, Mulot & Petitjean is continuing the tradition by creating new recipes to bring this little gourmet cake up-to-date and indulge connoisseurs.

Mulot & Petitjean received the award an ‘Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant’ in the field of gastronomy in Burgundy. The first one in the industry!

Mulot & Petitjean History:

Founded over 220 years ago, Mulot & Petitjean has had a long and prestigious history with over two centuries of traditions and know how.

It makes innovation a priority, whilst preserving all the techniques, skills and expertise of days gone by.

A traditional Production:

Production begins with the creation of a base dough made from wheat flour, honey and sweeteners.

First they knead the dough and then leave it to rest for a minimum of two weeks.

Next, they work again on the base dough to make it more pliable during a process called ‘turning’.
Then, they add Egg yolks, raising agents, spices and natural flavours.

Last they roll, cut or place the “The ‘turned’ dough on a baking tray or in moulds.
The cooking time varies from a few minutes to two hours depending on the product being made.
The items or commodities can then be filled, iced or decorated with candied fruits.

The famous Mulot & Petitjean Nonnettes are made in the traditional way in Dijon according to an authentic gourmet recipe which will delight people of all ages.