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Germana Heritage

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Germana Heritage

Germana Heritage is a premium Cachaca. It aged for 8 years in oak barrels and 2 years in balsam wood.

Tasting Notes of Germana Heritage:

Germana Heritage has a golden copper color with a olive cast. Then, deep aromas of spicy frosted banana nut cake, mashed raisins, cherry bonbons, leather and marinating spices follow through on a round. A  supple entry to a dry-yet-fruity medium-full body with cola nut, roasted nut and mineral notes. At last, finishes with a long, complex, and evolving sweet tobacco leaf and praline fade.

Founded by Sergio Caetano, Cachaca Germana started to be produced in a small copper still at his farm.

First, the name “Germana” has its origins in a cultural-religious phenomena which occurred in the 19th century. It all started at the Serra de Piedade in the town limits of the city of Caete.

At that time, a nun with the same name lived alone in a small monastery on the Serra (mountain). She had recurring visits by the Holy Spirit. Then, she fell into trances and had revelations. This started a constant pilgrimage to the monastery on the Serra. Then, the nun “Germana” also collected various herbs which were growing there to cure many ailments of the pilgrims that visited her. To help extract the powers of these herbs she put them into Cachaca and let them steep.

It seems, from documents and registers of that time, that the nun “Germana” was a very successful healer, with the help of her Cachaca remedies!

The Caetano family discovered some of these documents and decided that the name “Germana” was the right name for their Cachaca. Therefore from 1912 they started producing Cachaca Germana.