French Emmental sliced 100g

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French Emmental sliced 100g

This pasteurised cow milk cheese emmental will be perfect to accomodate your sandwich , your burger or your croque Monsieur. 

Pre-sliced, you will enjoy a mild but nutty flavour.

Emmental supports your bones, muscles and eyesight. It is an important source of Calcium.

This Emmental is a French version of the Swiss cheese which takes its name from the valley (“Tal”) of the river Emme in the canton of Bern.

Its production can be traced back to the 13th century. It is a medium, hard cheese with a mild savoury flavour.

This is a semi-hard, pale yellow color cheese with exceptional walnut size holes.

After forming and keeping the cream in a salt bath, it is hold in the cold basement for the first two or three weeks.

Then the is cheese is transferred to a much warmer maturation room, where the famous holes of this cheese appear in 6-8 weeks. Overall, the rind of this cheese is solid and dry, it’s colour can be from golden to light brown.

If ripened and matured a longer time, the Emmental cheese will get a tastier and stronger flavours.

How to enjoy French Emmental Sliced.

Here are some ideas to enjoy it:

First, in sandwiches, hot or cold  : clubs, croque-monsieur, paninis… Very thin, they bring softness, calcium always welcome to balance a meal on the go.

Then, As an aperitif . Cut them in 4. They will be pricked on skewers with radishes, cherry tomatoes, gherkins, dried apricots or prunes. The perfect appetizer skewers!

Last but not least, on top of a savory pie or a pizza. Their finesse ensures rapid melting and a perfect gratin!