Feuillety’s with Guerande sea salt

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Light and Crispy appetizer for snacking pleasure on every occasion.



Feuillety’s with Guerande sea salt – Kambly

The delicately twisted snack cookie gives fun to guests young and old. First, enriched with choice butter, the puff pastry snacks are a must for any evening. More importantly, Feuillety’s with Guerande sea salt delicious taste brings good humor and good times.


About Kambly’s brand

It is in the Emmental, in the heart of Switzerland, where milk and butter are produced, that The brand makes the specialties day after day since a century. For some of its ingredients, Feuillety’s with Guerande sea salt sources its supplies from the surrounding area. The flour and butter, for example, come from the mill and the other from the cheese dairy in the village of Trubschachen.

More than 80% of the ingredients come from Switzerland or have their origin in Switzerland.

The main ambition of Kambly products is to offer a pleasure. Created by the confectioners of Kambly in the tradition of the house, in the spirit of great confectionery: a careful confection and in the rules of art, with the best products, to provide impeccable quality.

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Nutrition Facts: – per 100g

Energy: 2031kJ/485kcal
fat:  23g of which saturates: 17g
Carbohydrates: 56g – with sugar: 5g
Proteins: 12g
Salt: 1.8g