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Époisses Chalancey

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pasteurised cow milk


Époisses Chalancey AOP


pasteurised cow milk

Epoisses de Bourgogne is a soft cow’s milk cheese produced by Jacques Hennart in the village Époisses, France.  Commonly called as Epoisses, the cheese has creamy, chewy and firm texture. With a distinctive soft red-orange colour, we classify it within the smear-ripened cheese washed in marc de Bourgogne. It takes at least 4 to 6 weeks to mature fully.

First, the Epoisses Chalancey cheese has a typical and distinctive taste.

Cows, stemming from local breeds (“Brune” breed, Montbéliard Cattle or French Simmental), and fed on a basis of fodder exclusively from the original area and GM free, produced high-protein milk.
Last, during a 4 week maturing process, the cheese is regularly hand washed with water in which we add some Marc de Bourgogne brandy.  As a result, the cheese has a very distinctive orange rind and bold taste.

Despite its pungent smell, the cheese has a spicy, sweet, salty and with light wood flavours.

Indeed, the cheese melts in the mouth and its texture is soft. Importantly, Cheese enthusiasts around the world flock to Epoisses for its exceptional quality and flavor.

Last It has a subtle, strong and balanced flavour which leaves a delicious creamy feel in the mouth.

Best paired with Burgundy reds or a full body white! It will be part of your decadent experience once spread on a crusty bread for a simple but satisfying snack.

Epoisses, a renowned artisan cheese, hails from the Burgundy region of France dating back to the 16th century
Epoisses is often hailed as one of the best cheeses in the world due to its unique flavor profile.

In conclusion, Epoisses is a true masterpiece in the world of artisan cheeses, loved by many for its bold flavors and creamy texture.

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