Ensedune Malbec

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Ensedune Malbec 2019


At the edge of the Mediterranean sea, the Oppidum Romain d’Ensérune dominates the terroir of the Ensédune wines.

First, it is characterised by one of the warmest and driest climates of France located at the west of Béziers.

Then, the young vines that produce this wine from Argentinian Malbec comes originally from Cahors in France.  Indeed, The wine maker is Argentinian. He searched all over the Languedoc for a place that would produce the characteristically bright and intense Malbec of his home country.  Then, he found this possibility in partnership with winegrowers from the Coteaux d’Enserune. This partnership was reinforced by a 1,000 year old viticultural tradition marked by a historically open mindset to create wine from other horizons.

Last but not least, the unique soils on the Montandy plateau outside Béziers are red, chalky and acidic with traces of iron. Indeed, it is very similar to the best Malbec vineyards in Argentina.

Oppidum d’Enserune is the name of the wine. It is an ancient ruin which sits high on a ridge and dominates the landscape surrounding the vineyards.

Grape Variety:

100 % Malbec from South-Western France (Cahors). As a result, the crop loads need to be regulated as it tends to produce large amounts of fruit. It is harvested late.


It loves red, acidic soils with iron concretions, that you can see on the Montady plateau and at Capestang. It is prone to failing to set fruit and is sensitive to drought.


Matured on fine lees for 3 months.

Tasting Notes:

At first a brilliant ruby-red colour. Then, the nose presents aromas with fruity (cherry, raspberry) and floral (liquorice, peony) notes. Overall, Ensedune Malbec is smooth and balanced on the palate.

Food Pairing Suggestion:

Enjoy the wine with a grilled red meat or a cheeseboard. Serve between 18 °C and 20 °C.