Eco Friendly cutlery set

Price: Regular HKD 5


Eco Friendly cutlery set

Need more set for your catering party?
1 set includes fork, knife, spoon, paper napkins and plates and paper cups as per the photo.

First, those sets are Eco friendly 100% disposable.

Then, our Cutlery are made of the latest technology, CPLA.

Last but not least, our eco cutlery is sleek, strong, sturdy, and perfect for hot or cold food.

It has a matt finish therefore a good feeling when in your mouth. The perfect way to enjoy our delicious catering menu.

Our paper plates are made of Bagasse.

Made from reclaimed sugarcane, bagasse is a stylish eco alternative to polystyrene suitable for hot and cold food.

Natural fibres provide an economic and sturdy tableware that’s more rigid than paper plates, and can take hot, wet or oily foods.

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