Easter Chocolate Gift box

Price: Regular HKD 108

4 pcs chocolate inside the beautiful Easter Egg box


Easter Chocolate Gift box

This pack contains Dark and Milk Ganache chocolate 8 pieces.

Easter Chocolate Gift box with chocolate ganache  Révillon is the perfect Chocolates that will please all Gourmet palates, from young age to adults.

Then, get ready for your easter egg hunt with Easter Egg assortments Révillon

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Indeed, plan ahead, only limited stock.

Collect your chocolate in our boutique or get it delivered with your additional order.

Révillon Chocolatier, creator of magical moments and shared pleasures since 1898, perpetuates its passion for chocolate through gourmet and quality recipes. From the selection of ingredients to their preparation
– including their presentation – nothing is left to chance in order to combine beauty and goodness.

Chocolates are 100% French !

Proud of their French colours and their unique chocolatier know-how at Révillon Chocolatier, they put all their heart into making papillotes with gourmet recipes and sparkling packaging.

The most important for Révillon? Allow you to share magical moments with those you love.

Revillon is a company that loves good products, faithful to the great chocolate tradition, driven by the desire to create magical moments and shared pleasures through its wrappers, Easter chocolates and other delicacies.

Revillon brand, the creator of the famous wrapper: la papillote:

Do you know where the papillote comes from?

It was in 1790, in the shop of the Lyon pastry chef Sieur Papillot that the papillote was born. This chocolate lover notices one fine morning the regular disappearance of his gourmet confections.

He decides to investigate to find them. One evening, when he has just finished the last chocolates for the next day, he hears footsteps in the shop. Quietly, Sieur Papillot then takes a look around and sees his apprentice. Remorseful, the young man wants to turn around but it is already too late! Sieur Papillot surprises him with his ingenious and romantic stratagem. But why would you want to steal these sweets? Let us tell you…

Madly in love with the boss’s daughter, he was desperate to get her attention. Thus, he stole a chocolate from the shop every day and slipped sweet words into it. He then sent them to his beauty to declare his love for her. Sieur Papillot forgives his apprentice and decides to take up this charming idea. He has since replaced declarations of love with quotes, proverbs and other riddles and wraps his delicious chocolates in them.