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Duck terrine with green pepper

from Secret D’éleveurs and La Belle Chaurienne,

La Belle Chaurienne is the reference for Cassoulet and Terrines in South West of France.

Do you know who the Chauriens and the Chauriennes are?

First, they are the inhabitants of Castelnaudary. This is a small town in Aude in the south of France, between Toulouse and Carcassonne, famous throughout the world for its famous cassoulet.

Indeed, la Belle Chaurienne is therefore aptly named since. Then, established for 57 years in this beautiful city, it is the main standard-bearer of its gastronomic know-how.

Importantly, Duck terrine with green pepper is a traditional recipe from South West of France. The green pepper will bring some aromas to your terrine.

Prepared with first class ingredients and following traditional recipes from the Southwest terroir, this pâté terrine is a very authentic.

Enjoy this terrine spread on any crackers or baguette bread as a starter. It comes along perfectly with a cold cut platter and a delicious glass of red wine.

Do you like Duck Terrine?

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