Duck Fat – La Belle Chaurienne.

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Duck Fat – La Belle Chaurienne.

Carefully filtered, this product of exceptional purity helps you to cook in the way” South-West”. It replaces butter or oil to cook potatoes, ceps … and brings a unique taste to your dishes.

Ingredients :

100% filtred

How to prepare :

Can be used for any preparation in the kitchen.

It will give a great flavors of duck to any of your recipe. Deep friend potatoes in duck fat with confit de Canard, a green salad and a glass of Bergerac wine. You are now travelling to South West of France.

Nutritional values :

For 100g :
3618 kJ (880 kcal)
Fat : 96.3g incl.saturated : 30.2g / Carbohydrates : 0g incl. sugar : 0g / Proteins : 0.4g / Salt : 0.02g.