Duck Confit – 4/ 5 persons – La Belle Chaurienne

Price: Regular HKD 438

1250g – Tin


Duck Confit – 4/5 persons La Belle Chaurienne

In French you will find it most of time under the name Confit de Canard.

Meat is finely salted and  tender as it was slowly marinated and cooked in duck fat.

Duck Confit is the perfect main dish that will make you travel in South West of France and rediscover its gastronomy.

How to prepare Duck Confit – 4/5 persons – La Belle Chaurienne:

Place the duck legs in a pan with the skin underneath and warm on a low fire for 20 minutes.

Turn the legs over and let rest for about 5 minutes. Serve it with Duck fat roasted potatoes and a green salad. It’s ready to enjoy!

Enjoy with a glass of red wine. 

Conservation : before opening, store in a dry place and at room temperature. After opening, refrigerated and consume quickly.