Domaine de la Rodaie St Nicolas de Bourgueil

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Domaine de la Rodaie St Nicolas de Bourgueil

Vintage 2020

High Environmental Value Certification

First the vineyard is located in the village of St Nicolas de Bourgueil on the sandy soil of the Loire.

Currently, Hervé Morin is the fifth generation of his family to welcome you to Domaine de la Rodaie in Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil. Indeed, he grows a single grape variety, Cabernet Franc, in 22 hectares of vineyards which are dotted over the main terroirs of the area.

His vines demand constant care and attention. His grapes undergo selective and densiometric sorting before being vinified in his winery. Such method allows to produce wines typical of the Loire region: elegant, fresh and fruity.

Or on the contrary, it will produce more complex wines which will age well in your cellar for several years.

Grape Varieties : Cabernet Franc
This wine should be served at 12-14° for a young vintage, and kept at room temperature when it is older.

Tasting Notes: Overall, The 2019 vintage will be similar to 2018, with a little more freshness. The reds are richer and more tannic. It is of great interest for those wishing to show all the complexity and diversity of the wines of the Centre-Loire. In the vineyards of Centre-Loire, the ambition is to create high quality wines and create a charter so that all the vineyards obtain High Environmental Value certification.

Food Pairing Recommendations : It will accompany grilled meats, roast meats, sheep’s cheese or desserts such as Fruit tarts. Serve the young vintages at the start of a meal. Then, ends with older vintage to go perfectly with red meats and cheeses. Bon Appetit !