Detox La Tisaniere Herbal Tea

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Detox La Tisaniere Herbal Tea

  • Where there is no detox, there is no pleasure!Detox La Tisaniere Herbal Tea has married burdock with the freshness of sunny lemon and the refreshing, purifying and aniseed richness of fennel seeds. It is perfect in the fall and spring, it purifies the body, and balance in season changes. Detox herbal tea consumption tips Think about it! Detox herbal tea of ​​La Tisanière, with its green and sunny notes, warm and comforting in winter, icy and refreshing in summer, it is at any time pleasure and well-being to share! Test it in the morning before breakfast. Its recipe with subtle notes of burdock, sparkling lemon and fennel seeds, is excellent for starting the day a healthy mind in a healthy body!
  • Plants making up our recipe Fennel seeds Burdock root Lemon peel Lemongrass Sweet mint Ginger Rooibos Verbena
  • Comes in a box of 25 sachets.
  • Made in France.
  • How to serve:

Boil water around 85 degrees.

How to prepare Detox La Tisaniere Herbal Tea.

Add into a large cup of tea and add 1 sachet. Wait until infused and enjoy !

You can enjoy it with some small biscuits aside or for tea time with a financier or a French Cannelé.

As a variation you can also drink it cold during a hot day while adding ice to it .

It is also a good alternative from too much drinking tea from the day and avoid too much of caffeine. A great way to relax all day long!


Lemon, fennel seeds, Burdock

What is Burdock:

Burdock root is a vegetable native to Northern Asia and Europe, though it now grows in the United States. The burdock plant’s deep roots are very long and vary in colour from beige to brown and nearly black on the outside.

Burdock root has been used for centuries in holistic medicine to treat a variety of different conditions. Traditionally, it’s been most commonly used as a diuretic and a digestive aid.

Now, researchers have discovered numerous potential uses and health benefits for burdock root. These benefits may be extensive enough to warrant using burdock root as a complementary treatment for certain conditions.

It is an excellent powerful antioxidant and remove toxins from the blood.