Dessert Compote Peach & Apple – Lucien Georgelin

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Family size: 560g

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Dessert Compote Peach & Apple – Lucien Georgelin

This recipe will please the most demanding gourmets. Lucien Georgelin uses the best of the fruits to make his dessert with fruits directly selected from the orchards so the fruit is harvested when perfectly ripe.

Slowly cooked in copper cauldrons with no additives, colourings or preservatives, thus preserving all the nutritional value of the fruit.

The compote market is evolving and customers are searching for sugar-free recipes. To meet this demand, Lucien Georgelin launches a recipe range of gourmet and light in sugar (-30% sugar) presented in glass jars.

Usually recipes contain 80% apples and 20% fruit, so you often have to add an aroma. At Lucien Georgelin, the recipes, composed about 50% apple and 50% fruit, are naturally tasty and without adding aromas, colorants or preservatives. Even with 30% less sugar, the greedy and light compotes of Lucien Georgelin respects the fruit’s taste.

Ingredients: 50% of apple and 50% of fruits. No added sugar.

Each spoon reveals a beautiful piece of fruit that will awaken your taste buds!

To enjoy as a dessert or a snack.