Cote Rotie, J Denuziere, 2017

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Cote Rotie, J Denuziere, 2017

The J. Denuzière story began in 1876 and it continues to write itself today. At the time, Joanny Paret, the founder of the estate based in Condrieu, wished to develop the reputation of local wines in Rhône cafes and bistros by distributing them using his horse team. Then, for several decades, the family business lived on with the dynamism of Joseph Paret, son of Joanny, who has perpetuated the work carried out by his father for forty years.

Paret Wines then became Denuzière Wines when Pierre Denuzière, Joseph Paret’s son-in-law took over from his father-in-law in the 1940’s. For 80 years, the name “Denuzière” has been part of the vineyard landscape in the Northern Rhône Valley. As a result, today, the J. Denuzière micro-cuvées are crafted around this Condriot heritage and strengthen over the vintages.

Cote Rotie is northernmost Appellation of the Rhone Valley. Its uniqueness relies on the extreme steepness of its slopes that at places reaches up to 60 degrees.

The appellation includes 270 hectares.

Grape Variety: 100% Syrah.

Tasting Notes: At first, an intense garnet red color with purple tints. An elegant nose of black berries, spices and toasting. Overall a silky and opulent wine with supple tannins and spicy finish.

Food pairing recommendation: Serve between 16 to 18C. A fine companion for game and grilled red meats or a simple omelette with truffles.