Coeur du Berry

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Pasteurised Goat Milk Cheese.

This cheese is only produced in a small natural area located south of Loire river, in the hearth of France, where the climate is mild.

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Coeur du Berry is a goat milk cheese from Loire Valley.

Perfect for St Valentine’s Day. Its special shape is dedicated to a near-by village unique in France : “St Valentin”.

The cheese is characterised by a mixture of a smoky ash coated rind with a blue and white mould combination.

Tasting notes: tangy with a very clean finish, earthy flavours.

Texture: Soft inside with a smooth texture.

Pairing: Light with sweet flavours of hazelnuts, this cheese will pair well with a light, crisp and fruity wine from the similar region of France: Sauvignon Blanc Sancerre or a Pouilly Fumé.