Christmas Chocolate Truffles

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100g box


Christmas Chocolate Truffles

Melt-in-your-mouth Christmas Chocolate Truffles.

It will be the perfect treat for any chocolate lovers and will bring a WOW effect to your Christmas table or as a gift.
The most popular confections we love to eat over Christmas as per tradition; You can also add it to any of your DIY hampers as it will be a perfect gift for the festive season!
First, a truffle chocolate consists of a ball of chocolate ganache made with couverture chocolate, which was then rolled in cocoa powder.
Then, The word truffle itself means “lump” in Latin. But chocolate truffles were not named that way because they look like lumps of chocolates.
Instead, chocolate truffles got their name from a type of mushroom due to their physical resemblance.
How the Chocolate Truffles were invented?

The invention of pastries or chocolate is often attributed to an accident in the kitchen.

For the chocolate truffle it refers to a French chef called Georges Auguste Escoffier.
The accident involved one of his apprentices making pastry cream.
However, he poured the hot cream into a bowl of chopped chocolate instead of sugar and eggs.

Frustrated, Escoffier yelled “ganache” to mean fool to the mess.

The creamy mixture began harder and harder. He tried to move it into some cocoa powder, which made it look similar to a mushroom fungus. Therefore, the name truffle was created.