Chocolate-dipped almond Florentins x 6 pcs

Price: Regular HKD 168

Sold per 6 pieces.



Chocolate-dipped almond Florentins x 6 pcs

Delicate and crispy, these chocolate-dipped almond florentins are the perfect tiny cookies for any special occasion.

Florentines are not your regular cookies. They are no chocolate chips, not a classic cookie dough. They do not need butter.

We would define Florentin or so called english Florentines a halfway between a cookie and a candy.

Indeed they are incredibly thin and nutty, with a subtle chocolate coating.

Monsieur CHATTÉ pasty chef home makes it with a 72% Bitter cocoa for the chocolate lover. To enjoy with a cup of Tea or Coffee or for the pleasure to offer to your family or friends. Therefore Do not forget to include it in your gift basket.