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Chocolate Chips Panettone

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100g Panettone



Chocolate Chips Panettone

Chocolate Chips Panettone  is  a Panettone. More particularly, it is a traditional cake-like bread stuffed with dried raisins and candied orange and lemon peel from Milan.

Although the traditional recipe remains a favorite, producers are offering many variations with cream, chocolate chips and frosting, and even liqueurs such as limoncello.

Importantly, enjoy this Christmas Cake with a flute of Champagne or Prosecco.

there is no more Italian way to wish a happy holiday season. Indeed, It’s a ritual in many homes where panettone is a welcomed guest after every meal.

Offering or sharing a panettone is not a simple act of kindness but a gesture rich in history and tradition.


The legend of the Traditional Panettone 

They are so many stories about how panettone was born. But one of the favourite at Monsieur CHATTÉ is the following one:
One of the legend says that Toni, the young helper of a cook, was the real creator. Christmas was around the corner and the court chef had no dessert to offer to the king and his court.
Unfortunately, what he had prepared wasn’t good enough to be served.  So Toni prepared something using everything he had available.
Hence the name panettone, “il pan de Toni” (Toni’s bread).
Just after the end of World War I, panettone became widely known thanks to a young Milanese baker, Angelo Motta, who gave his name to one of Italy ‘s now best-known brands. Motta revolutionised the traditional way of making panettone by giving it its tall domed shape by making the dough rise three times, before cooking. This is the reason why they are so light and enjoyable like brioche style.