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Chateau Pinenc Minervois Red 2019

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Chateau Pinenc Minervois Red 2019

First, Château Pinenc was founded in 1810 by the Pinenc family. Towards the end of the 19th century Captain Hippolyte Pinenc developed the vineyards on the soil of Minervois appellation.

Over 200 years later, the Roturier and Barrière families manage Chateau Pinenc . Indeed, they are the descendants of the original owners, who are carrying on the family’s commitment to producing a great wine.

Grape Varieties: 65% Syrah, 20% Carignan, 15% vieux Grenache.

Soil / Terroirs: Situated on limestone-clay terraces with worn pebbles at the heart of Minervois, the Château Pinenc vines flourish in a privileged natural environment amid pines, rosemary and juniper.

Tasting Notes: First, Chateau Pinenc reveals a bouquet of blackberry and spice with fresh eucalyptus notes.

Then, it is supple and tender on the palate. Overall, you can enjoy a great perfumes of small red fruit.

Food Pairing Recommendations:  Enjoy Chateau Pinenc with spicy dishes or cold meats such as a cold cut platter and barbecues. 

Best serve at 16-18°C.

Ageing potential : 5 years.

Did you know?

Chateau Pinenc is located in the Languedoc. Have you heard about the Origin of the name “Languedoc”:

The “Langue d’oc” was the version of French spoken in the south of the country, and Languedoc referred to the part of France in which the “language of Oc” was spoken. “Oc”  (from the Latin ac ) was the word for “yes” in this part of France, at a time when people in the north of France said “oeuil”, an old French word that has become modern French “oui”. Today, the “langue d’oc” survives in the many patois still spoken by a few people in rural areas of this part of France.
The new regional name Occitanie is another reference to the historic language of “Oc”.




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