Chateau Cazaux, Cabardes Rouge, 2018

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Chateau Cazaux, Cabardes Rouge, 2018

Awards:2017 Macon silver medal

First of all, Château Cazaux is situated near Villemoustaussou in the area of Carcassonne. Importantly, its vineyards thrive on chalky clay soils and are subject to an Atlantic climate with Mediterranean influence.

Cabardès is a relatively small appellation for red and rosé wines produced in the hills just north of Carcassonne, southern France.

It is known for its red blends – a traditional mix of “Atlantic” and “Mediterranean” grape varieties, mirroring its position at the very western end of the Languedoc.

A must try!

Grape Varieties: Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot.

Tasting Notes:

At first a beautiful cherry red colour. Then an intense nose of blackberries and black currant with spicy notes (pepper and liquorice). Lovely length in the mouth.

Overall, a well-balanced, generous and authentic wine.

Food Pairing recommendations: Chateau Cazaux will be perfect with grilled red meat or a selection of traditional cheeses. Serve at room temperature 16°C.

Did you know?

The Origin of the name “Languedoc”:

The “Langue d’oc” was the version of French spoken in the south of the country, and Languedoc referred to the part of France in which the “language of Oc” was spoken. “Oc”  (from the Latin ac ) was the word for “yes” in this part of France, at a time when people in the north of France said “oeuil”, an old French word that has become modern French “oui”. Today, the “langue d’oc” survives in the many patois still spoken by a few people in rural areas of this part of France.
The new regional name Occitanie is another reference to the historic language of “Oc”.





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