Carrots & cumin spread – Lucien Georgelin 

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Carrots & cumin spread – Lucien Georgelin

Crafted with ingredients resulting from organic farming, this homemade style appetizer reflects the know how of France South West!

No additives, colourings or preservatives, thus preserving all the nutritional value of the product.

Enjoy this organic spread on bread baguette  or crackers  and with a glass of Rosé wine  for a tasty moment.

Do not forget to discover the whole range of spreads with healthy selection such as: carrots and cumin, bolletus ceps mushroom, roasted bell pepper, tuna and sundried tomatoes , salmon terrine or olives with sundried tomatoes and of course the traditional and delicious black tapenade.

Ingredients: 78% carrots, cream, salt, sesame seeds, cumin, white pepper, locust bean gum.

How to use: Once open, keep refrigerated and consume as soon as possible.