Café Royal capsules

Price: Regular HKD 48

10 capsules included


Café Royal capsules

Pack of 10 pieces  – Lungo and forte.

Intense Expresso coffee. The Capsule are 100% Nespresso Compatible.

First, Café Royal blends pure arabica with bold creativity. Indeed it allows coffee lovers to savour their coffee as a luxury.

Tasting Notes: 

First, rounded by a fine acidity, the Café Royal Lungo unfolds a harmonious spice on your palate.

Indeed it is accompanied by a discreet caramel note. Enjoy a brioche, the traditional French breakfast.

Most of all, delicious served black or with a dash of milk for a creamier taste, Café Royal provides a touch of French elegance every day.

Enjoy the ground coffee for your breakfast with some croissants or chocolate croissants. It will be a great companion for your tea time meeting.

About the brand:

Breaking new ground with an uncompromising attitude. Committed to providing the best possible coffee experience.

In other words, these are the defining features of Café Royal.

The 65-year history of making coffee hasn’t made the company complacent. On the contrary, it wants to shape the coffee trends of the 21st century.

Indeed, the company understands the rules of the coffee business and is committed to reinventing them with unique coffee projects, unconventional products and inspiring stories for people who are passionate about coffee.

At Café Royal, they want you to be true to yourself, to realise your dreams and to keep trying new things. Above all, they want you to enjoy the best coffee that the world has to offer. ROYAL IS NOT A STATUS. ROYAL IS A STATE OF MIND