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Belgian Owl Whisky

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Belgian Owl Whisky

Identité 20cl

Belgian Owl Whisky ia a single Malt created from barley grown in Wesbaye and distilled in the province of Liege.

First, this Whisky has a delicate notes of toasted oak and butterscotch combine with the fruity signature of Belgian Owl.

Both rich and delicate, the nose opens with a pleasant fruity sweetness. You can enjoy mirabelle plum flesh, ripe pear, butter candy, then a pleasant floral touch gives it a little spring side.

As it opens up a bit more, it reveals an almost exotic dimension on coconut cream, vanilla, banana ice cream and prickly pear.

Then, the taste is full and fresh at the same time, it confirms the promises of the nose.

The flavors unfold in a crescendo: lemon vanilla cream, apple jelly, ginger jam.

At last, with a very nice length, it develops warmly on the vanilla of the American oak while preserving the delicate sensation of the distillate.

The flavors of ripe fruits: pears, apples, bananas and greengages fade like a greedy echo.

It is definitely a surprisingly fruity, fresh and delicate whisky.

Pair this whisky with Foie Gras, Sheep cheese, Tiramisu, Raw fish such as Sushi.

Belgian Owl distillery information

Master Distiller Etienne Bouillon began the epic quest to bend the laws of nature towards the creation of a superb whisky, uniquely tied to the region of Hesbaye, on a level that competes with the very best.

In order to remain close to the ancient traditions, two authentic Scottish stills were brought to Belgium from the former legendary Caperdonich distillery in Speyside, Scotland. A unique feat worldwide, never done before, never done since.