Apricot Jam – Lucien Georgelin

Price: Regular HKD 65

Glass Jar – 300g 

How to use:
Before opening, keep at room temperature.
After opening, keep refrigerated and consume within 10 days.  

Ingredients :

Red apricots from Roussillon
Sugars extracted from fruit
Concentrated lemon juice

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Apricot Jam – Lucien Georgelin

100% from fruits recipe, it is 100% of fruits so  No use of any preservatives, colorants nor artificial flavours!

These recipes are prepared without refined sugar, it’s the grape juice that make them sweet. Thereby, the sugar level stays low: around 25g for 100g of product.

They are suitable for people who doesn’t like sugar, who wants to control their weight or the level of sugar.

Lucien Georgelin uses the best of the fruits to make his jams directly selected from the orchards so the fruit is harvested when perfectly ripe. Using ancestral know how, all fruits are slowly cooked in copper kettle to preserve their fragrances.