Apple & sea salt butter jam – Lucien Georgelin

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Glass jar – 320g


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Apple & sea salt butter jam – Lucien Georgelin.

Slowly cooked apples and sea salt butter from Guerande. This jam will reveal taste of the terroir and tradition such as authentic flavour of a homemade jam.

No use of any preservatives, colorants nor artificial flavours! This recipe will please the most demanding gourmets. Lucien Georgelin uses the best of the fruits to make his jams directly selected from the orchards so the fruit is harvested when perfectly ripe.

Using ancestral know how, all fruits are slowly cooked in copper kettle to preserve their fragrances.

Simply spread on a slice of bread, enjoy Lucien Georgelin’s  jam at snack or breakfast time, with your coffee or tea .

You can also combine it in your favourite cake recipe! This recipe will please all palates from youngest to adult age.

Ingredients: 60% Apple, sugar, sea salt butter from Guerande (AOP), lemon skin and lemon juice.

How to use: keep at room temperature. After opening keep in fridge and consume within 10 days.

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