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Apéro Bag with Monsieur CHATTÉ

Price: HKD 609 HKD 548

This set will be packed in a thermal bag .

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Apéro Bag with Monsieur CHATTÉ.

First Apéro is the shortcut name for Apéritif in French or also said “time for a drink.”
This “Time for a drink” is the delightful but also a very important moment to chill out with family or friends, between the day’s activity and a pleasurable meal.

Enjoy this set not only on a  Junk Boat trip, but also for a picnic, or at a friend’s place / your hotel ( for stacation or quarantine) as we can deliver to you as per your requirement !

Don’t wait any longer ! Try and taste the French Lifestyle.

The perfect way to travel around the different region of France.

This Apéro bag, packed in a thermal bag includes:


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