Amora French light Vinaigrette Nature

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Amora French light Vinaigrette Nature

Discover the light Amora French light Vinaigrette Nature. Made with ingredients of natural origin , the large format bottle is 100% recyclable.

First, produced in the Dijon region, the light Nature Amora vinaigrette is ideal sauce to accompany all your dishes. Not only salads but also raw vegetarian such as crudités for the greatest pleasure of your taste buds.

Reduced in fat and without preservatives, its light recipe is perfect for seasoning your mixed salads, raw vegetables and shellfish.

Mustard, an age-old condiment

Already 3,000 years ago, the Chinese knew about it! Then the Egyptians, the Greeks and then the Romans appreciated it. It was not only good but brings also a lot of medicinal properties.

Then, in the Middle Ages, it was used in abundance in banquets. Last but not least, today it is a staple in everyday cooking!

The 18th Century: The Roots of Amora

In 1703, a certain François Naigeon was received as “master vinegar maker”. He is the first representative of a long line of manufacturers from which the Amora brand comes.

A revolution in the mustard recipe

First, around 1750, Jean-Baptiste, his son, considered the renovator of Dijon mustard, upset the manufacturing codes by substituting green grape juice for vinegar. Sweeter, more fragrant, the mustard thus prepared keeps longer.

Then, in 1919… registration of the Amora brand.

Indeed, it was in the small French town of Dijon that in 1919 Armand Bizouard officially registered the Amora brand.

From 1934: the birth of the Amora company

In 1934, Amora changed owners and Amora’s new strongman, Raymond Sachot, gave new impetus to the brand. New industrial system, mechanisation, diversification and respect for traditional recipes lead to the Brand’s success.

The origin of the name “Amora”

The story goes that, under the spell of his delicious mustard, Armand Bizouard would have exclaimed: ”  It’s a love of mustard, it will be Amora!” “.

Raymond Sachot, about fifteen years later, was confirmed in this choice when he discovered, during a visit to an Egyptian temple, that Amora was the name of the god of the rising sun (Amon Ra).

The name is definitely adopted!

The first mustard glasses

The brand became the leader in mustard and stirred up the market by following the motto of mustard makers “There are no good mustards in ugly pots”. The very first mustard glasses appear; simple, no frills, they are already making their revolution and the delight of several generations of children, still today on all French tables!

Amora, for the love of taste! 

The 2000s once again marked Amora’s desire to modernize, new innovative products were born and the 90s logo was dressed in red, a symbol of taste for character.

Amora is a founding member of the Association Moutarde de Bourgogne. Production in Burgundy has increased from 0 in 1990 to 10,000 tonnes in 2018. In the future Amora wants to develop the yield of Burgundy seeds (+20%) and makes its infrastructure (pilot mixing line) available to small producers.

Love of taste, quality of ingredients, values ​​of sharing and conviviality are the key words.

After more than 70 years of existence, Amora has conquered the hearts of the French and is now part of the French culinary heritage.

The brand is constantly innovating and renewing itself while being faithful to its know-how and its values, to the care given to its products and to the expectations of young and old alike.