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Absinthe Lemercier 45%

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Absinthe Lemercier 45%
Absinthe Lemercier 45% comes from the distillation of green anise and wormwood mixture?
Other botanicals such as star anise, fennel, gentian or even mugwort also participate to its composition.
It has a natural color.

Tasting Notes:

  • Colour: Absinthe Lemercier 45% has a transparent color, the aperitif tends on a greenish color.It looks pleasantly natural.
  • Louche: Once you add water the drink becomes cloudy slowly. It ends very thick and has a yellowish color.
  • Aroma: You can enjoy flower aromas and light woody notes.
  • Taste: At first, Absinthe has a very fresh taste.  It is an easy drinking aperitif. Some reminiscence of bitter wormwood comes through on the after taste.
  • Overall Impression: An overwhelmingly complex herbal palate. Overall, a good quality absinthe.

How to enjoy Absinthe Lemercier 45%:

Serve it as a cocktail or “Frappe” (diluted in 5 volumes of water). It offers an interesting pairing with a goat cheese or onion tart.
As a starter, its bold flavour pairs deliciously well with a spiced tuna steak for instance. Try it also with dark chocolate it will do wonders!

About the brand Lemercier:

A major absinthe producer since 1811, Lemercier Distillery is the undisputed leader of this family of aperitifs and absinthes! Their recipes comes exactly from the absinthe recipes that they produced in 1900.

Enjoy this aperitif around a special ceremony. The world of absinthe is found around typical objects: glass, spoon, fountain with absinthe will pleasantly accompany your tasting.
Last but not least, discover the 2 other products from the same producer: Absinthe 72% and Absinthe 72% bitter.

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