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Absinthe Lemercier 45%

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Absinthe ancient recipe is obtained especially by distillation of a mixture of green anise and wormwood. However, many other plants, finely selected, are also part of its composition : star anise, fennel, gentian or even mugwort.
Absinthe 45‘s natural colour is obtained by infusion of plants.


  • Colour: Tending towards the yellow more than green, somewhat transparent, but pleasantly natural.
  • Louche: Absinthe 45 becomes cloudy slowly as water is added, ending up very thick. The colour at the end is yellowish.
  • Aroma: Floral and with light woody notes in the background. Pleasant and not overcomplicated.
  • Taste: Taste very fresh, and because of the low alcohol content is very easy drinking. Bitter wormwood comes through clearly at the end.
  • Overall Impression: fresh and not overly complex, lending itself to newcomers still getting used to the at-first overwhelmingly complex herbal palette of absinthe. A good quality absinthe that offers good value for money.
Recommended as a cocktail or “Frappe” (diluted in 5 volumes of water). Served as an appetizer, it offer an interesting pairing with a goat cheese or onion tart. As a starter, its bold flavour is a companion to spiced tuna steak for instance. Try it also with dark chocolate it will do wonders!

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