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2009 Rum Bielle

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2009 Rum Bielle


This aged rum has matured in bourbon barrels for four years before being finished in cognac barrels on the island of Marie Galante. As a result of this Caribbean ageing, Bielle 2009 has a woody flavour with notes of fruit and good length on the palate.
The Rum style is elegant and woody. Enjoy this Rum after a nice meal as a digestive.

2009 Rum Bielle tasting Notes:
First 2009 Rum Bielle has an intense nose with Ripe fruit, mild spices, cinnamon notes. Then, you will enjoy a powerful palate with notes of oak and candied fruit.

Overall a long and pleasant finish.

 Bielle History:

The island of Marie-Galante is less well known than Martinique, but it is also a historic Caribbean rum producing region.

Bielle brand get essence there!

Bielle decided to play the quality card. They make the rums only from pure sugar cane juice (and not from molasses).

The result is an inimitable taste.

Initially, the family farm cultivated coffee. No less than 32 farmers worked on the plantation.

However, in 1826, they decided to replace the coffee plants by a sugar factory.

In 1940, the business was flourishing: 26,000 litres of rum were sold each year. Today, the company, acquired by Paul Rameaux and then Dominique Thierry, has increased its production tenfold, reaching 330,000 litres per year. Production is carried out in an environmentally friendly manner, thanks to the phytoremediation technique: the vinasses are placed in a natural basin containing plants that contribute to the treatment of the residues through evapo-transpiration.