For Easter 2019Monsieur CHATTÉ presents a beautiful and mouthwatering chocolate collection by Maison Mazet Artisan.

Easter 2019 is on Sunday 21st of April. The celebration is synonym of egg hunt and chocolate frenzy. But how did it started?

Eggs are historically a symbol of life celebrating Spring and new beginnings. In France and Germany eggs were emptied then filled with chocolate. Nowadays Easter chocolate can be found in many shapes; bells, bunnies or stork, you name it!

This season, we are proud to introduce you Maison Mazet, chocolate maker and confectionner since 1903.

You will find a range of delicacies and chocolates as well as the famous “Prasline Mazet de Montargis“, delicious and perfectly caramelised almond.

Find also a range of chocolate bar from the most subtle to the most intense flavours to delight your taste buds.

And because you may know us for our melted cheese, why not try with… Chocolate?! Say no more and try our chocolate fondue in its cute little glass!