Monsieur CHATTÉ

French Catering for corporate and private gourmets
In Hong Kong since 1996

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Authentic French Gourmet Catering

We are

Monsieur CHATTÉ, an artisan of gastronomy!
Set up in France in 1949, run by the family ever since and proudly established in Hong Kong since 1996.

We Produce

A large selection of French classics, including our celebrated foie gras and other signature dishes. Tailor-made options are available to suit specific private and corporate customers requirements.

We provide

A full-service including delivery, set up, serving staff, collection and cleaning of rented equipment, with an environmentally friendly recycling of non-reusable packaging.

We import

an array of French delicacies from carefully selected small scale producers. Charcuterie, saucisson, pâtés, foie gras, cured ham. Artisan cheese from cow, goat and ewe milk and many other fresh and preserved goodies.

We serve

Breakfast meetings, luncheons, dinners, French bentos, lunch boxes, cocktail parties, sandwiches, canapés, petit fours, kid’s birthdays, junk boat and BBQ parties, Raclette parties… and more.

We pride

In strictly maintaining a high-quality standard while promoting an authentic French gastronomy service to Hong Kong corporate and private consumers.